We create games, that are fun and support
the natural child development process!

Parents get free access to remote moderation tools and insightful data.

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Kidcore develops mobile games for children that feature age-appropriate content, easy to grasp game mechanics and that support the natural child development process.


We entertain our young players without exposing them to advertisments or in-App-Purchase-Options. We also do not advertise unlockable content towards children.


The Kidcore Club is an exclusive area for parents. Track playing progress and screen-time or change settings of any installed Kidcore Game using a Smartphone, Tablet or Computer.


Our promise: The Kidcore Seal of Quality

Kidcore Games are built with the following standards in mind.

High Product Quality

Our games are made with a great attention to details because we believe high quality products can be delivered to audiences of all ages. We follow the high standards of leading companies in the gamesindustry to achieve an exceptional gaming experience.

Innovative Game Mechanics

Our aspiration is to deliver a fresh and innovative gaming experience for children. As parents we know what's in the market and we want to surprise with new ideas and concepts.

Must Support Natural Child Development

We encourage players to be creative and improve on their natural skill sets. Kidcore Games subconsciously support the early child development process. We provide parents the data to easily follow the player's progress.


100% Happy Children — 100% Happy Parents!

More about Kidcore GamesMore about the Kidcore Club

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Kidcore Network AG, Hummelweg 1, Mainz, 55128, Germany | contact@kidcore.net

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